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Emotify Conversation

Elevate conversations on your stories and grow your community

Easy to use real-time conversation system to encourage interactions and elevate engagement on your stories, along with intelligent spam moderation. Encourage your users to express themselves in a safe space.

  • Rich commenting experience for website
  • In-built commmuity tools for audience
  • Automated moderation and spam filtering

Engaging conversations

Build a vibrant community from your visitors through conversations and engaging features.

AI-assisted moderation

Automated intelligent moderation to restrict toxic comments and spam to keep a clean site.

Follow story and notification

Bring users back to conversations and stories they are following through push notifications.

Social login and SSO

Provide a seamless identity experience to visitors through social media and single sign-on.

Lightweight and rich UX

Most clean and modern design to delight your users, and lightweight SDK to compliment your website.

Seamless platform transition

Switch from your current platform to Emotify through easy setup and seamless data transfer.

Emotify Reaction

Frictionless audience engagement with your content

Our interactive Reaction widget compliments your website and gives your visitors the ability to share their feelings in the form of a relevant reaction as they read the content. Track user responses in real-time, displaying the most liked content.

  • Emoji based reactions on stories
  • Measure audinece engagement

Effortless engagement

The easiest and fastest way for users to express their feelings and engage with your stories.

Reaction customization

Choose reactions that are suitable for your content and website for enhanced user experience.

Maintain brand identity

A variety of designs to choose from to compliment the look and feel of your website and brand.

Content recirculation

Present readers with your most trending stories and keep them engaged longer on your site.

Theme customization

Choose from available themes that most compliments your brand and content type.

Improved Content ROI

Engage readers with more content in a single visit and increase your content visibility.

Emotify Dashboard

Data to measure audience engagement and website growth

Witness growth in audience engagement data with real-time analytics & customized dashboards. Get insightful reports on audience engagement such as trending articles, devices used, and stories shared.

  • Measure growth in site engagement
  • Know your audience through data
  • Unify and enrich data through API

Story specific insights

Measure impact of stories through various metrics such as comments, re-engagements, reactions.

Website level engagement

Get vital information such as user behaviour, audience engagement, content performance etc.

Audience analytics

Know and understand your audience, their interests, activities and engagement on your site.

Rich first-party data

Unique data about your site and stories coupled with your audience profile and their activities.

All in one dashboard

Manage multiple websites from a single dashboard and access data and insights with ease.

Unify data through API

Bring Emotify data for marketing and analytics with easy transfer through API integration.


Transform your audience experience

Bring the best commenting system, reactions widget, and audience engagement solutions to your website through effortless transition in just a few steps.

  • Simple integration
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Modern experience
  • Easy data transfer
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